Students are expected to behave in the Shamrock Way at all times.
1. Remain quietly in your assigned seat at all times unless permission is given. You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings.

2. Be prepared for class before the bell rings always having your silent reading book, your planner, binder and all necessary supplies for class.

3. Communicate, listen and participate appropriately so that respect is given to others and their learning. This includes listening to directions the first time they are given and working so that you don’t interfere with the learning process.

4. Respect another person’s space and belongings. Keep you hands and feet to yourself and don’t take or alter another person’s or school property without permission.

5. You own your behavior and actions, so make good choices! There are consequences to your behavior that are based on your own actions. You are responsible for how you handle your emotions, therefore think through situations before you react and make responsible choices.

6. All other school rules and expectations as outlined in the school handbook or other school communications will apply.