Battle of the Books

Shamrock Logo.jpgBattle of the Books2015-2016
7th Grade Annual Book Reading and Quiz Competition

The 25th Annual Battle of the Books will take place during the second marking period. This friendly competition encourages students to get inspired about reading. Reading is an important skill-- even leisure time activities, such as computer programs and games rely on the ability to read and respond appropriately. A major goal for this competition is for students to develop an interest in reading for pleasure, thus reinforcing skills learned in the classroom. We aim to create a love for reading that will translate itself into a lifelong reading habit.

Teams will be chosen for each class period. The students will learn to work together by choosing a team name, creating a team poster and team bookmark (during the week of Nov. 30th – Dec.4th). During the next nine weeks, students will read books from a list of 20 different titles. A wide variety of books are included on the list, so students are encouraged to keep a "reading journal". These notes can be used to study before the battle and to share with team members. Students are required to fill out a "Battle of the Books Fact Tracker" for each book that they read. As the students turn them in to Mrs. Geis, she will check them for accuracy and record them in a spreadsheet. Students will receive them back once recorded so that they can also study for the Battle with the Fact Trackers.

A classroom battle takes place in February. Teams will answer questions about the books, receiving points for the correct answer. The teams also have a chance to win points by knowing the author of each book. All teams are given the chance to earn points for each correct answer-- a time limit is given to formulate the answer, and when the time is up, all answers are checked for accuracy. The five winning teams will battle each other in the 7th Grade final Battle of the Books. This takes place in the library, with the entire 7th grade in attendance as the audience. Audience members are also given chances to earn bonus points by answering the audience questions. In the past, the winning team of the 7th Grade Battle of the Books has been treated to a trip to Barnes and Nobles to select a book of their choice and have a savory meal at a restaurant in the South Bend area. It is possible that this will be the prize once again, yet, be aware that Mrs. Geis and Mr. Cumings are still looking for a more awesome reward for the winners.

Students also have a chance to win a SubWay party for lunch. Teams will be awarded bonus points in the poster, bookmark and team name competition. Bonus points are also awarded to students who are "caught" reading at an appropriate time and place. The team with the most bonus points at the end of the nine weeks will be treated to lunch.

With your encouragement at home, we hope to create an exciting and enjoyable learning experience for all.

Mrs. Angela Geis-- 7th Grade Reading
Mr. Charles Richards-- 7th Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Sheila Sheline-- Library Paraprofessional

Please download the following documents to learn more about the requirements of the Battle of the Books and to see a list of the titles included in our BSMS competition:

Battle of the Books Information Paper with list of books and titles!


and the guidelines for filling one out:

Video Book Trailer Playlist for the books in our competition